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Some of our project that we are most proud of. Take a look at some projects we have completed for some industries.

Anić Outdoor

Short description: Platform that contains all outdoor advertising boards

Service: Web application

Client: Anić Holding www.anic-holding.com

Džungla website

Short description: Great designed website for marketing agency

Service: Web application / UX - UI design / SEO

Client: Džungla d.o.o https://dzungla.hr

Vijola mobile app

Short description: If you wanna order some wine in Croatia, this is the good app for it.

Service: Delivery mobile application / UX design / brand identity

Client: Vijola Hvar d.o.o www.vijola.hr

Mnk Primošten

Short description: Football club website

Service: Website / UX design

Client: Mnk Primošten www.mnkprimosten.hr

Pool equipment store

Short description: Pool equipment web shop

Service: Web application / webshop

Client: Adria-Net d.o.o www.bazenskakemija.hr

Plastični bazeni

Short description: Finding the perfect solution for our customer

Service: Web application and marketing

Client: Adria-Net d.o.o www.plasticni-bazeni.com

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